Everywhere: A foldable electric scooter for a pollution free ride

Everywhere foldable electric scooter

Scooters are getting a whole new avatar and their demand is rising. They are being turned into an electric ride, which not only saves the atmosphere but money as well. Jaepyung Lee, an engineer from South Korea, has designed a foldable electric scooter, christened “Everywhere.”

Crafted in a creative manner, the high-end scooter has been fitted with three wheels. The sleek facade has been coupled with LED headlights and tail lights. They will be of utmost use when it gets dark and keep the rider safe. It also has a digital dashboard that will display the speed the scooter is moving at.

This technically sophisticated scooter can be folded easily. It will help you go till the bus stop or metro station and can be carried along. When you reach your destination, unfold it and the handy scooter is ready to use again. Everywhere has been fitted with back wheels that will endow the rider with great balance. The sleek design will make heads turn and leave onlookers impressed.

This foldable electric scooter will make moving around the city easy and coated with fun. Everywhere will fit in your lives and will beautifully take care of all your basic traveling needs.

Via: Jaepyunglee

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