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Everyday tasks for Alzeihmer’s patients become easy with Peblink

Living with Alzeihmer’s is not easy and the task is just as challenging for people who live around the patient. It is not possible to find time everyday to explain things and give instructions. It would be excellent to find a way to make such patients self reliant. And looks like France based industrial designer Guillaume Faure understands this need scrupulously. The designer has come out with a practical and easy to use gadget called Peblink.

PEBLINK - Prospective Device

This gadget will make going about routine tasks a lot easier for Alzeihmer’s patients. You only have to give the instruction once and the gadget will record your session with the patient. It not only transcribes the conversation but also classifies it on basis of who quoted it. This is really accommodating as there will be help around even when others are not there to attend to the patient.

Patients will be able to access the information or read through transcripts anytime desired. If they need to know or understand something, then they can ask questions to the device directly. Interacting with the device will come naturally as only intuitive moves are required to operate it. The gadget is very different from using a tape recorder as it is capable of voice recognition and will identify speakers from their tone.

A lot of information can be uploaded onto the device so that patients will have access to all types of data. Patients will feel like they are looking into your own memory or sharing information with someone. The fact that a gadget for someone suffering from Alzeihmer’s disease has to be really simple and straightforward was taken into consideration by the designer. Patients will find the simple dish shaped design with soft lines and neutral colors approachable as well as easy to use.

[Cheers Guillaume]

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