Ether Ceiling Light will take you to the underwater environment

ether ceiling light 1

Chandeliers are once again an in-thing in fashion and home styling. These beautiful hangings were once used in big houses or forts. But the time has changed now and with modern stylish chandeliers you can hang them on your ceiling even if it is not too high. Here there are two chandeliers of different sizes from Eurofase that are named Ether Ceiling Light. The larger one is 56.25″H x 39.37″D and the short length chandelier is 35.87″H x 39.37″D in dimension. You can have the one depending upon the height of your ceiling and of course your choice too.
ether ceiling light 2
The Ether Ceiling Light is specially designed to give you the impression of underwater environment. When all the lights are off and only the chandelier omits light then you will feel that you are in the aquatic world and those are the oxygen bubbles that you can see whirling over your head. Such a virtual visualization of an imagination is rarely seen.

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