Etcher for iPads is like the electronic version of erstwhile Etch A Sketch toy

Kids today don’t scribble in sketch books anymore. They either open the paintbrush app on your computer or squiggle on your tablet. If you have one such budding artist at home and also an iPad that stays idle after your work hours, then you will surely grab at this nifty accessory without giving a second thought. The dandy Etcher will transform your iPad into a drawing surface on which your little one can scribble freely.


Children will really like the look of the gizmo because it is designed on the lines of the famous toy, Etch A Sketch. Its bright red plastic frame is quite attractive. Its interface with an iOS app converts iPad into a drawing toy. Use the knobs to draw horizontal as well as vertical lines on this electronic sketch pad. And just shake the screen when you want to erase a drawing.

Oodles of features that have been lifted directly from the original Etch A Sketch toy make this gizmo really amazing. A back and forth movement is required if you want to darken a line, just like the original piece. This will surely make a lot of grownups out there nostalgic. It’s really like reliving your childhood days that were spent scrawling on Etch A Sketch.

The piece is very much like an upgraded version of Etch A Sketch in which innovative and cool features have been added. You can easily save your drawing on it. Wow! If your kid really likes a doodle, then you won’t see them rubbing it out with a long sad face. Also, you can easily share your drawings with family and friends. The piece is a creation of Ari Krupnik & Associates, who have collaborated with Ohio Arts, the company behind the original Etch a Sketch, to churn out this model.

Via: Wired

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