Espresso waker wishes good-morning with a cuppa coffee

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I bow down in gratitude to Sang hoon Lee for concocting the most refreshing wakeup system. Shooing aside an array of alarm clocks that blare their way in to our beautiful mornings, Lee’s Espresso waker is designed to help you open your eyes to the smell of a cuppa espresso. Who needs a butler to walk in your room with cup of hot coffee to wish good morning? Since U.S is touted to be a caffeine nation, this alarm clock will find its place at almost every bed side there. That is only if it makes it to the production level. Not boasting of any ingenious features, this coffee brewing alarm is simple device. All you gotto do is open the lid, put the coffee powder (decaffeinated for me) and set the alarm time. That done, snore away to glory and wake up to the smell of your poison at the scheduled time.

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Hey but what if some of us (almost all of us) cannot drop out of bed with just an aroma of coffee? Also how do we snooze this alarm for bringing back our morning coffee 10 minutes later?
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Isn’t this akin to the usual coffee maker that most of our kitchens have? All you gotto do is bring it to your bed side and fix it up with a timer. Bingo your espresso waker is ready too! Sorry Lee :)
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