Escopetarras Guitar is a symbol of love and harmony

escopetarras guitar

AK-47 needs no introduction, but maybe an AK-47 guitar does. Cesar Lopez, an artist from Columbia, has designed a unique musical instrument named Escopetarras Guitar. What looks like a gun, in actuality, whiffs out great tunes.

An artist cum politician, Cesar is trying hard to send a positive message through his creations. A gun is a symbol of death and destruction. It has, till date, not done any good and is a sign of hatred. The artist has pumped a new lease of life in these broken weapons, which send a message of harmony now. One of his guitars has been named AK-47 Stratoblaster, which manages to muster a lot of crowd.

escopetarras guitar 01

He plays them during street shows and makes good use of the attention-grabbing designs. People slip into a state of awe, and his guitar is a major reason behind it. These musical firearm still kill people, but with love and melody. Cesar says his creations are not up for sale and he has no intention of minting money through them.

According to Cesar:

In the end the gun dies and the guitar is born.

escopetarras guitar 02

Via: Geekologie

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