Ergonomically designed bus stop by Martin Necas

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Though bus stops installations range from a simple pole and sign, to a rudimentary shelter, to full blown buildings, many don’t realize that a bus stop in its own humble way is as important as regimented fleet of buses. And so here is Martin Necas with his concept of a stop for public transport. Focusing on ergonomics, this concept is roomy enough to sit 4-6 patiently or edgily waiting folks. The more hurried ones can stand under the roof. The guy is considerate enough to reserve some space for a stroller or a wheel chair too if needed. Intended to be erected out of concrete, the glass edge on one side adds a bit of elegance. The benches are crafted from hard wood and galvanized steel.

design busstop02 ttqM6 5784
Since these kinda stops fall a victim to vandalism, it is also supposed to be vandalism resistant. But then what about the glass edge?
design busstop03 utVyr 5784
And the bus will stop here!