Ergonomic GCSE Gaming Mouse looks to revolutionize the gaming peripheral sector

GCSE Gaming Mouse

Desirable, comfortable to use, stylish and affordable, the futuristic and sleek GCSE Gaming Mouse looks to take on the uber-competitive gaming mice market and looks to place itself ahead of rivals by providing a gaming mouse that meets all the functional requirements that such a peripheral should have while offering optimal ergonomic comfort to ensure that the gamer does not feel tired or fatigued during long hours of play. The product was developed in accordance to the needs and requirements of the current market and thus was created to be used with any computer based MMO game.

Shaped to mimic the user’s hand, the mouse is comfortable to hold and is suitable for playing long durations of sustained game play. To ensure that user comfort does not decrease over time and repetitive strain injuries are not caused, the mouse was created without any sharp edges and pain-inducing areas. Since ergonomically poor mice designs can cause fatigue or pain, the shape of the GCSE Gaming Mouse was designed to be ergonomically correct.

The anthropometric design of the GCSE Gaming Mouse was finalized after taking into account the measurements of the average user’s hand to ensure a good fit for palms and fingers of the average person’s hand. To allow different movement styles and different resting positions, the mouse was deliberately given flattened edges on the side to support the user’s hand throughout the duration of the game play.

The design of the GCSE Gaming Mouse is both responsive and accessible to give users a much better edge over their opponents in the game with the layout of the buttons of the mouse being easily actuated by just the user’s thumb to allow to use their entire hand rather than a few predominant fingers that are generally placed over the major buttons. To be able to deliver precise steady movements, the GCSE Gaming Mouse comes with the option to increase and decrease sensitivity via a passive changeable DPI setting while a much faster and smooth movement is ensured via Teflon-finished smooth feet.

The macros and the key binds assigned to the mouse can be remembered via an on-board memory. The sleek original design will be offered in attractive color, motifs, and patterns as well as steampunk-themed styles while ensuring that general gaming-mice related problems such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome do not occur due to prolonged usage of the device.

Source: Mahoney Designs

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