Ergonomic Bike bends to the rider’s needs for a comfy ride

ergonomic bike 01

The “Ergonomic Bike” by Brazilian designer Lule Master is a bicycle concept intended toward people who want a soft and comfortable ride. Based entirely on the ergonomics, the bike is not only comfortable to ride but also creates strong visual effects with a balanced design. Featuring a flexible seat that moves up and down, left and right to accommodate the users with different body stature, the trendy bike also integrates a tube fixed by an arc in the middle that moves up and down according to your riding style. Propelling the wheels like a rail system, the bike comes built with an efficient braking system to allow complete control to the rider. Moreover, the adjustable handlebar provides support to the rider’s hands on a leisurely ride.

ergonomic bike 02
ergonomic bike 03
ergonomic bike 04
ergonomic bike 05
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ergonomic bike 08
ergonomic bike 09
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