Can I get an entry level industrial design job without a design degree?

Hey, is it possible to get entry level industrial design job without a design degree. I am not self praising but I am a very inventive person who really wants try working in the industrial design field. I do not have a design degree. But I want to b an industrial designer, so is it possible to get industrial design job without degree. Please reply as soon as possible.

One thought on “Can I get an entry level industrial design job without a design degree?”

  1. Hi, well to my knowledge, there are certain qualifications that you need to apply yourself for the job of industrial designer. Those who seem involved in the design of the mass produced goods are referred as an industrial designer. To get this job you need to have a bachelor’s degree in industrial design /civil/mechanical engineering as your necessary qualifications. Some companies also consider bachelor of architecture degree holders as an eligible candidate for the position of the same. After the completion of this bachelor degree course, the candidate has to go through certain mandatory tests just in order to get in to the post of the industrial designer. There are also few key elements that are needed in the process of getting in there, these are- the candidate needs complete school with subjects like maths, physics, and chemistry. He need to obtain the bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, civil engineering and industrial design or in architectural design. Along with all these things, the candidate needs to have an artistic approach towards the creativity of his technical upgrade skills. Thank you.

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