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Enjoy a quick spin or sonic rapture in the revolving camping chair

You will love lounging in the all new camping chair from Revolve. Its design has been turned around quite a bit to make the piece a lot more fun when you are out in the open. The chair can swivel around by a whole 360 degrees. Now, you just have to spin your seat around to enjoy a different view of the scenery. Also, talk easily to campers parked at different spots by twisting the chair about its axis. And if you are camping out with your family, then all the kiddies will be overjoyed to have this piece.

Revolve camping chair

All other features from the standard camping chairs of Revolve remain the same. So, the lightweight folding chair that you carry along on hikes and camps, just got better. It is the same piece but with a bonus swivel around function. Despite all the hardware fitted in to make way for the rotating function, the chair can still be folded into a carry bag and lugged around easily. Think you’ve heard it all, wait a bit as this savvy chair has a lot more for you.

Who doesn’t like to listen to thumping beats and musical tunes in open air? Everyone does. So, there is a proviso for this too as the chair has an MP3 dock slotted in. Moreover, with so many campers rustling about, a full amplified blast of music around you is a must. The chair doesn’t disappoint here either. The boom from its dual speakers and mini amp is so very groovy. You don’t have to splurge much on ordinary camping chairs as most come under $10 but this one will cost you more. If you want a model without speakers then shell out $80 while the chair kitted out with speakers costs $90.

Via: Gizmag

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