Enjoy music while lounging on the inflatable chair

You will love sinking into this plus sized doughy chair after work hours or when you plan to unwind. This comfortable and cushy piece measures about 45 inches along the sides. The raised headrest is quite a boon. While the bitsy divot is a good cushion and ensures that you can be seated for long hours. The reason the seat feels so good is that it is filled with air.

Inflatable iMusic Chair

You can also listen to music while lounging in the chair. Stereo speakers have been slotted into this seat, right next to the headrest. Therefore, you can easily listen to tunes on your iPhone, iPod or mp3 player when you are relaxing in it. In fact, the 3.5 mm plug-in cable is compatible with the headphones of most music playing devices.

This piece can be inflated and deflated easily. You can pump it up when it is in use or shrink it when you are switching apartments. Carrying it around from one place to another will be a cinch. Do not worry about pumping air into the seat if you have a puny frame. A foot pump has been provided for inflation so the exercise will not be very taxing.

Also, just because this seat is as light as air, do not go around floating it in your pool. You do remember that there is music playing gear attached to it. This means that you cannot station the piece anywhere near water, so the pool is totally out of question. Hence, there is a good reason why this chair has been designed for people who are above 8 years of age. Want to purchase the groovy piece, be ready to shell out $40.

Via: Thinkgeek

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