Now enjoy golf being followed by a robot caddy

Golf has been regarded as an expensive way of playing marbles. It is fun to watch the game on television but actually playing it on the golf course could be really tiresome with the strain of dragging caddy throughout the course. But now no more worrying about lugging clubs as FTR systems, Inc. has come up with a robotic caddy termed as Caddytrek that would hold your golf clubs and track you around the course.


As an improvement to the remote controlled golf trolleys that needed some human attention, the Caddytrek follows you without your assistance throughout the track carrying your irons, putters, woods etc. The robot is monitored via a control unit in your pockets from where it receives signals and makes a stop when you stop. You can even send this gizmo to get can of suds and likewise by operating it through a remote control.

The robot comes equipped with navigation sensors that prevent it from banging into obstacles. It can work well on slope of 25 degrees. It is powered by a lithium ion battery good enough to make it tour 10 miles or for 27 holes on the go with its two hour charge. The robot weighs around 39 pounds including its battery and can easily fit into your trunk with its collapsible compact configuration. You can get this ultimate accessory for your game at $1,595. Indeed a game for rich and famous!

Via: Cnet

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