Enjoy your favorite cup of coffee with Electric Coffee Maker

Electric coffee maker

A steaming cup of coffee can relax your tensed nerves. It makes us slip in a whole new world, where worries are kicked away with every sip. The Electric Coffee Maker by Alexander Yakushin is at your aid to make you live this experience every single day.

The impressive design comes clubbed with features worth drooling over. The coffee maker makes good use of capsules from the pressed ground coffee, which can be inserted through an opening at the top. The used capsules are automatically removed, thus saving precious time. The overall design is simple and will save a lot of space in the kitchen. It has been fitted with elements that can slide in and out. The angle of dip tray can also be altered as per a user’s needs and when not required, simply push it back in its case.

The electric coffee maker has been given control keys that perform important functions. Make your favorite coffee, espresso or cappuccino at the press of a button and enjoy a mug full in no time. A tank is there to hold 3-liter of water. This water tank is separated from the hull with a button wedged on the handle. So, brew coffee in style and swap your kitchen area into a cafe in no time.

[Cheers Alexander]

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