Studio FRST’s 16943 HDTV boasts dual aspect ratio, DVD player

studio frst ercFp 58
Modern home gadgets haven’t just remained the square entertainment systems, but with contemporary designing and technology now they have turned into a work of art, enhancing the decor of your home. And Studio FRST‘s new TV concept, called ‘16943,’ is the latest addition to the list of technological sculptures. Apart from its unique design, the HDTV also boasts dual aspect ratio, 4:3 and 16:9, so you may enjoy full screen as well as widescreen footage on a single monitor, and that too without annoying black bars and chopped picture. Moreover, the concept TV comes with a DVD player where you may enjoy your favorite video tracks and movies, devoid of any additional gadget and extension. The ‘16943’ with its glossy looks and functionality seems to be an ideal home entertainment system for modern apartments.

studio frst 1 h99bW 58
studio frst 2 jZAoe 58

Via: Gizmodo

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