Engineered Biotope vertical garden to nest endangered species of birds and wild plants

engineered biotopes tower 01

Developed as a part of ‘Piraeus Tower 2010” competition, the “Engineered Biotope” by London-based architects Anthi Grapsa and Konstantinos Chalaris is a unique architecture that uses modern agricultural techniques to allow green spaces for the residents as well as the endangered species of birds and wild plants. Comprising a grid of glass tubes to nurture seedlings in the first two floors, the new vertical garden also features a system of small biotopes, from 3rd to 22nd floor, to accommodate small vegetation along the surface of the facade. In addition, the modules can be re-located with the help of a robotic crane to allow adequate sunlight and water supply to the garden. Of course, the climate plays a major role in this re-positioning, keeping the plants green and healthy in different weather conditions.

engineered biotopes tower 02
engineered biotopes tower 03
engineered biotopes tower 04
engineered biotopes tower 05
engineered biotopes tower 06

Via: Designboom


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