Energy efficient street light to evacuate space on roads

Energy efficient lights and clever space management are gaining prominence rapidly. With designers and architects striving towards viable solutions, a noteworthy breakthrough in this space recently is the FreeStreet lighting system from the Dutch electronics giant, Philips. The system to be inaugurated in Eindhoven during the next six months will be making a U.S. debut anytime next year. Here are some features of this light that promises to free up cramped urban areas.

Poleless street lighting system

Instead of the conventional vertical light posts, these lights will consist of horizontal cables cast in mid air, much like the Christmas lights you decorate your house with. These wires will run parallel to the streets that need to be lit up using them. Another feature that will help to declutter streets is the copious amount of space that will be left between consecutive lights. Most of the lights today are installed at a distance of every 20 meters but these will be set up at a distance of 100 meters from each other.

Besides making the sidewalks and roads roomier, these lights will also help out with energy conservation. This is because they illuminate the streets using LEDs. Clusters of LEDs have been built into this light fixture, which are roughly 40 percent more efficient than the standard sodium street lights. The intelligent idea was awarded the coveted 2011 Dutch Design Award. The light with nifty features also looks quite winsome. The LED clusters have been integrated into the piece very smoothly. They have not been randomly clasped onto the cables. The bulbs look glib and are shaped like drops of fluid. The street light is available all across Europe right now.

Via: Gizmag

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