Energy efficient Purifi Pan traps smoke and releases fresh air into your surroundings

Fumes and smoke rising from utensils while one is cooking can be quite a bother. In most cases, along with the smolder, a strong whiff that can choke people is also given off. This creates quite a nuisance in your cookery. Well, it seems that a new cooking utensil called purify-pan can bail you out of this hitch. The energy efficient pan has a green design that will keep the air in your kitchen clean and fresh.

Purifi Pan

Most houses do not have a proper fume extraction system so buying a range hood would not solve the problem. So, Purifi-pan definitely seems to be the easier way out. An air purification system is integrated into the pan and any fumes that can clog the air go through this purifier first. The extractor, cleverly placed close to the rim, takes in fumes and releases fresh air outside. Additionally, the pan is also energy efficient as heat from the stove is reused for its working and hence no extra supply of energy is needed.

The pan has quite an eyeful design and will look comely resting on your countertop. There is an on/off switch at the base of the handle that also holds its battery. The pan comes with a lid and is made from high quality plastic which is very dense and also temperature resistant. The pan can easily be cleaned in a dish washer as its electronics are wash proof. The arc shape of the air purifier also has a purpose. It leaves some space around the rim so that you can move the ladle around freely.

There are two models of this pan, which have the air purifier on the right and left respectively. Thus, both right as well as left handed people can use the pan effortlessly. Also, the pan comes in three varying depths. The shallowest one is the flat fry pan while the deep fry pan is more cavernous. The stir fry pan is the deepest and it bottom half looks almost like a wok.

Source: Hong Ying Guo

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