Energy efficient fridge with RFID and OLED display to manage your stuff

A sleek design with clean lines makes this fridge really stand out. The space inside is well managed and the outside of the fridge bears a clean cut electronic display. You don’t see electronic buttons like these on many refrigerators. Well, there is a reason why you see them on this fridge, this one is a cutting edge and hi tech unit. The intelligent fridge is capable of a lot more than just cold storage. Read on to find out what changes it can bring about in your home.

Intelligent Fridge

The fridge is outfitted with electrochrome glass that makes the piece energy efficient, even when you are rummaging for goodies inside it. Also, the smooth transparency regulation of the electrochrome glass on the front door allows for better visual control. In fact, an RFID chip and reader have also been provided in the fridge that helps with effective storage. The RFID reader can register goods automatically while the RFID chips help you manage your private stock efficiently. The receiver of the fridge can read all information from these chips easily.

An OLED film display has also been outfitted in the piece. It allows you to manage things easily and you will also be able to view cooking instructions on the display. In fact, a flexible OLED film has been fitted in the glass layers. This facility renders a lot of benefit on the users. You will be able to manage goods stored inside easily. Also, the system informs you when an expiry is approaching. It also reviews goods stored inside the fridge and after scanning the stock, provides you with recipes you can whip out with the inventory.

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