Emotion Collector revives good old memories to mend present grudges

Do you think those periodic quarrels between you and your partner make you doubt the credibility of your relationship? And most of the times neither of you is responsible for such quarrels but mostly the fast paced high pressure life. To be honest no one really wants to end up the relationship. Now there is a device that would help you patch up without even talking. This may sound vague and theoretical but it’s true. The design has been made by Yicong Li, graduated from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

Emotion Collector

The device is called as Emotion Collector and it is a concept design for iPad 2. The device has three major parts: the video recording band called Emotion Recorder, the storage device and the docking board called emotion collector and two iPads. The collected data from the band in form of videos and pictures are transferred to a 1Tb hard drive where data is converted. The hard drive can be used by both the iPads simultaneously to share sweet memories.

The wristband has silica gel lining inside, an OLED clock display and a microphone. The band has Bluetooth that can be used to transfer videos and photos to the iPad. It has an 8-megapixel camera, which can be initiated to record using the shutter button in the band itself. The silica layer illuminates while the video is being recorded. The apple style smart button is situated in the inner side of band to avoid accidental operation. The most fascinating thing about the band is the wireless charging technology that uses the concept of electromagnetic induction. So you just have to keep the band in the board and the band would recharge.

The board has HDMI port to hook up a screen to watch high resolution videos. Further it has an USB hub, SDHC card reader and a power line socket. The on/off indicator shows if the device is powered on or off (light appears while the device is on). So if you had a bad fight and now you are not talking to each other due to a cold war of silence, you can find a lot of sweet memories in the database. Then you can use the emotion recorder to record and convey your words secretly. Also when you keep both the bands on the board it forms reflection of a heart. It’s a device made to bring hearts closer than ever before.

[Cheers Yicong]

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