Emergency Search Capsule would play an important role during rescue missions

People trapped in disaster struck areas often face a hard time. Relief units may take time to arrive if the area is inaccessible by road. But, it is very necessary to provide basic medical facilities plus food and clean water. Keeping all this in mind, Jay Chang has designed an easy to use design that will provide the much needed relief when airdropped. Christened Emergency Search Capsule, it is a functional product, which will provide the much needed relief.

Emergency Search Capsule

The capsule will be airdropped as an airplane or helicopter flies over the area. Successful drops will be made possible because of the presence of a parachute that has been crafted out of Mylar blankets. Emergency Search Capsule has been wedged with an alert light that flickers and produces a loud sound to fetch attention of survivors. The alert light can be swapped into white light by rotating the body of the device. The emergency capsule will provide drinking water till the help arrives. The parachute attached to the design can be used as a blanket to stay warm at night.

When the capsule is located by the survivors, it can used for transmitting signals to the base and also communicate with the rescuers. The device will send out signals when it is switched on, which will make it easy to locate survivors by using the location tracking system. Once it has served its role during the rescue operation, the same Emergency Search Capsule can be used as a lamp at home.

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