Emergency Desert Shelter with rainwater harvesting capability

This Emergency Desert Shelter Concept by designer Timothy E. Bender is a compact temporary housing concept that is perfect for providing sustainable living solutions. The shelter is shaded in a Universal Corn bat Pattern (IJCP) Camouflage that is suitable for use in both wooded areas as well as desert and is approved by the U.S. military as a standard camouflage print for these areas. The USP of the design is its compact which enables it to be carried out to remote locations where traditional means of housing cannot be set up.

Emergency Desert Shelter

Offering various configuration options, the Emergency Desert Shelter weighs just less than 3 lbs and comes with removable walls that allow multiple setup options. The very stable shelter features a removable water collection system that allows the shelter to be set in areas away from freshwater supply. The shelter comes with a reversible assembly option that allows it to be turned inside out and used even after the outer side has been worn out with use.

The lime green fabric used in the Emergency Desert Shelter is fully reversible and comes in multiple sizes that allow it to be expanded and contracted depending on usage. The open configuration allows removable walls to be used to set up enclosures as well.

Source: Timothy E. Bender

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