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eMat, a fun filled and interactive play device for children

Advancement in technology has given the world products that one might not have imagined, but embraced them because of their usability. Adding to the list is eMat, which has been designed by You Yin Ting. Children love to play on the floor and somehow they feel happy when left there. The designer has added a bit of technology to the floor mat, which will make play time all the more interactive for children.


eMat is one fun product that will prove to be pretty beneficial for working parents. It will help enhance their relationship with children, while creating a fun environment where a child can indulge in various fun activities. Feel like playing soccer? The mat will display a soccer field where you can indulge in a few moments of play that too without stepping out of the house. The mat has been fitted with a futuristic interactive screen that triggers a child’s imagination like never before. The multifunctional learning tool will double as an interactive play device and will excite adults as much as children. Show you child what the world looks like or swap it into a tent zone where you little one can sit under a carpet of stars right inside the comfort of the house.

eMat comes embedded with LED lights that will give the mat an all new meaning when used. Revving up the experience will be the use of futuristic technologies that will make sure all the four senses are equally involved when the product is being used. eMat will come fitted with speakers and aroma dispenser that will add to the overall experience. The basic design comprises of e-sense surface, fabric OLED with a double sided screen and control panels. The interface is not only simple, but is very colorful and has quite a high visibility.

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