Ellipsis Bike: Sustainable on looks, green on a ride

ellipsis bike 03

Designer Gabor Baranyai continues to impress with his futuristic designs. Earlier we covered his Apple Car concept, and now the designer has popped up with a flowing bicycle to take you on an eco ride. Dubbed the “Ellipsis,” the curvy bike moves on green tires made with eco-friendly defatted soy flour instead of carbon black. The frame is extruded aluminum, which is a lot easier to recycle than fashionable carbon fiber. Featuring ellipse shaped springs molded into the rubber foam seat for comfort, the bike integrates plexi wheel hubs to enhance its sleek look. The ellipse shape symbolizes the path of planets while naturally creating the feel of continuous movement. Check out the video after the jump.

ellipsis bike 01
ellipsis bike 02
ellipsis bike 04
ellipsis bike 05

ellipsis bike 06
ellipsis bike 07
ellipsis bike 08

[Thanks, Gabor]

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