Elektroscooter adds mobility to the life of seniors

elektroscooter 01

With each passing day, life usually gets more immobile for the elderly, as they have to rely on others for basic needs. Adding mobility to the life of seniors, designer Patrick Leyendecker has come up with an electric scooter concept that works like a wheelchair to allow easy entry and exit for the user. Hailed as “Elektroscooter,” the mobility aid moves on tires with ball bearings to be controlled by a ball on the armrest. Running on motors/engines, located on the sides of the seat, powered by a rechargeable battery, the electric wheelchair connects the rear tires and the footrests to guide rails with the rim of the front wheels, while changing the angle of the seat and footrests for easy maneuverability. Featuring stationary rims, the mobility device controls its speed like a tracked vehicle.

elektroscooter 03
elektroscooter 04
elektroscooter 05

Via: Patrick Leyendecker

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