Eight elegant and unique fruit bowls for modish spaces


Get rid of the boring old fruit bowls. Instead stay updated with designs that are unique and offer a twist to the usual varieties. Go ahead and check out some rare varieties that you might have never known about. Here we sum up eight amazing fruit bowl styles that not only just serve fresh, but also add an accessorizing touch to your dining area or kitchen. So while you serve healthy, you can also draw up a lot of guest attention through these one of a kind holders.

1. Fruit bowl by Thomas Feichtner

Thomas Feichtner

Fruit bowls are popular for being decorative centerpieces; however, Thomas Feichtner has moved way above traditional styles and designs by chucking out the round bowls for more open designs that reduce surface contact of fruit keeping them fresh and consumable for longer durations. The structure is designed from solid silver and this offers a perfect contrast.

2. Ring shaped fruit bowl

Ring Shaped Fruit Bowl

This innovative piece sets your fruit collection in a kind of art work. German designer Joung Myung Lee is the mind behind this creation and when hung on the wall it can actually create magic with colors and design.

3. Cocoon modern stainless steel fruit bowl


Created by Germany’s Eakkapod, this award winning piece was marked at the Design Exhibition Form in 2006. This polished bowl in stainless steel is 12 inches in diameter and a core modern design.

4. Bubblicious fruit bowl by D-Vision

Bubblicious Fruit Bowl

As per the name, Bubblicious fruit bowl is designed in the form of spheres with varying volumes. This makes it easier to store fruits with varying sizes, maintaining absolute equilibrium due the changing center of gravity. This fruit bowl is extremely innovative in terms of design and looks exceptional when placed as a decoration piece. The design of this fruit bowl comes through D-Vision-Via.

5. Fruit bowl by SEMdesign


SEMdesign has introduced this great fruit holder which is handmade by sticking together 128 pieces of plywood to form a pattern. There are different sections in this fruit bowl and adequate space that lets you enjoy each fruit in an adequate manner. If there is just a single apple left, for example, then you can place it in the top shelf. This way the bowl appears to be full and yet organized well. The best part about this piece is that it is crafted out of water and dirt resistant material for that clean and fresh look.

6. Legada fruit spire by Brad Gressel


For many people, a crystal bowl works fine on their dining or coffee tables with the fruits stacked in it rotting due to pressure and time. However, Brad Gressel the famous designer has substituted a great way through which all the fruits get a proper display allowing for timely consumption of foods. This is spiral in shape and fresh fruits stay at the top while the older one are around the bottom. With this, each fruit gets the right attention and it also serves as a great display.

7. Modern fruit bowl – Macedonia Tray

Macedonia Tray

Macedonia is not just the republic of South-Eastern Europe but it is also a dessert fruit popular across Spain, France, Italy and Latin America. Apart from all of that it is also the name given to Janne Kyttänen’s designer creation which is a tray that resembles to a fruit salad when stocked with fresh fruits. The artist got inspired from its unusual design following the soap bubble build structure with neat grids that let the fruits stay together while at the same time separate too. This unique piece is built out of polyamide through laser sintering in a selective pattern and the gray Macedonia costs around $700.

8. Arik Levy’s Galactica Fruit Bowl

Galactica Fruit Bowl

This fruit bowl is designed by Arik Levy and is an amazingly beautiful artistic creation. The Galactica is actually based on the galaxy and star theme. This can be doubly used as a fruit bowl and also as a centerpiece. The idea based on which Arik Levy created this fruit bowl for the manufacturer Gaia & Gino was basically to use the essence of voids and volumes inspired by the universal constellations. A mold is used to design the bowl while the holes are created manually by the hands based on a predefined pattern.

The artist states that he wanted to yield an architectural dimension which was if imagined in a bigger form would instantly bring to mind a conference center or a concert hall. Levy is associated with a French firm that create ceramic vases to produce a seamless earthenware piece.

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