Electrolux Shells: A modern pantry for tech-freaks

electrolux shells

Pantry comes in handy when one needs to store food items and provisions. But, it needs to be inspected time and again to extract details about the availability of items and how much life they are left with. This can prove to be quite tedious and irritating. Jorge Santoyo Henaine has designed the Electrolux Shells, which will help you manage a pantry the intelligent way.

Shells can be coupled with any Smartphone via WiFi. This way, it will keep updating the consumer about all that is present in the pantry and what can be prepared using these items. Wow! Even the temperature can be adjusted as per the groceries present inside it. Shells comes with an embedded QR code reader, which will update you about necessary details like expiry date, nutritional value of a specific product and dishes that can be prepared using them.

electrolux shells 01

All these updates will be made available on the device as well as on the user’s Smartphone. So, if you are out shopping for groceries at a supermarket and forgot to make a list, Electrolux Shells will robotically prepare everything you need and send it across.

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