Electrolux Clothing Extruder recycles clothes for self-designed dress

electrolux clothing extruder

An entry at Electrolux 2010 Design Competition, the “Clothing Extruder” by designer Liz McCarter is an innovative home appliance concept that lets the users recycle their clothing an unlimited number of times, eliminating the need for washers, dryers and storage. The futuristic appliance uses a special base fabric that the user can design personally into any type of clothing. After each individual use, the clothing is inserted into the input slot, where it is recycled back to the original base fabric.

The wearer uses the interactive touch panel to redesign a new piece of clothing from the old material. After confirming the design, the computer notifies the users if they want to add more base fabric to the machine to produce another piece of clothing. The newly designed dress extrudes from the output slot of the machine within no time. The Clothing Extruder not only helps you preserve energy, water, fabric and money, but also lets you customize your personal style while leading a sustainable lifestyle.

electrolux clothing extruder 01
electrolux clothing extruder 02
electrolux clothing extruder 03

[Cheers Liz]

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