Electric ‘Urban Wheelchair’ moves on hubless wheels

urban wheelchair 02

Often wheelchair users have to face a number of problems to accomplish their day-to-day tasks in urban environments, when away from home on their own. Providing a solution, UK-based designer Ben Thorpe has come up with a fully electric, lifting wheelchair that presenting a lifting mechanism lifts the user in an upright position to improve their reach, so they could converse face-to-face with people in their day-to-day lives. The “Urban Wheelchair,” as the designer hails his design, moves on hubless wheels with a tightly packed ball bearing system to reduce rolling resistance, which not only gives it a trendy looks but also increases its efficiency.

Generating power from two lithium-ion batteries, located on both sides of the seat, the fully rechargeable wheelchair runs on one battery while the other is being charged to power the 12v linear actuators that lift the seat. Finished in high quality materials, such as Grade 5 Titanium, to make it lightweight but at the same time strong, the hubless wheelchair integrates a seat manufactured with a digital technique called Selective Laser Sintering, enabling users to mold the seat area according to their body shape or size to have an MRI scan of their body. Wheelchairs have never been as customizable as this electric wheelchair.

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Via: BenThorpeDesign

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