Electric personal mobility vehicle parks under your bed

aprilia skateboard  03

Envisioning the future of urban mobility, designer Siddharth Rane has come up with a personal mobility vehicle that makes transportation easy and fun for people of all age groups. Entitled the “Aprilia Skateboard,” the mobility device apart from being safe and practical also helps in sustaining the environment. Controlled by a joystick, the personal mobility vehicle allows in-wheel drive as it runs on hubless wheels with built-in electric motor. Integrating headlight and tail light on the front and back wheels respectively, the Aprilia Skateboard locates the battery pack and electronic neatly underneath the seat. When not on the road, the urban vehicle folds in a compact size for easy parking underneath your bed.

aprilia skateboard  01
aprilia skateboard  02

[Cheers Siddharth]

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