Electric city car saves space as well as environment

What’s the point riding in a four-seater car when you are all alone? This not only occupies a lot of space on the road and in the parking area, but also wastes a lot of precious resources. Keeping the negativity that come tagged with riding in big car, Jenny Tseitlin has come up with an ingenious design in the form of Electric city car.

Electric city car

Jenny works in multiple creative fields, which includes automotive, product and industrial designing. The cute looking car can accommodate just one passenger, which makes it perfect for riding in the city. Electric city car has a length, width and height of 1900mm, 1200mm and 1800mm, respectively. The small sized creation can touch a top speed of 80 km/h that is quite good keeping in mind its dimensions.

The compact vehicle has an attention grabbing silhouette that will suit all needs of a city life. Electric city car comes fitted with Proton exchange membrane or PEM fuel cell battery, which has been wedged in the vehicle’s floor and will ensure a great riding experience. The front wheels have been fitted with two 30kW electric motors, which power the vehicle for a comfortable ride.

The rear bottom of Electric city car has an exchangeable reservoir that has 4kg of hydrogen. Travel for a good 100 km with just 1kg hydrogen. Such a feature makes it a very practical as well as user friendly vehicle. The small size further makes it economical when it comes to the manufacturing part. So, go shopping or to your office on this space saving car and give riding around the city an all new meaning.

Via: Janecreating

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