el Zulo, an ergonomic pod for power napping

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Almost all of us have faced the urge to grab forty winks after a heavy deadline or simply catnap after a lunch break. Equally vital is the rejuvenating power nap before setting on a daunting task. Already popular as well as official in several countries, power napping is proved to boost efficiency and productivity. And so designing an object for the catching up with a few zzzzzzzzs is exactly what Frank Ehners has done. Calling this hide out as el ZULO, it is ergonomically shaped to allow the body to literally slump on it. All the drowsy user has to do it sit on the counter and lean forward to fall on an upright support. This is supposed to give a feeling of getting up any time (as soon as your boss buzzes) and get in motion immediately. Guess the designer realized that once flat on bed, it becomes impossible to come back to feet without more ado.

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Inside, a flexible form of wood along with padded resting structures assure the most relaxing power naps. Also there is an option of programming the settings, like adjustable leg room and vibrating upper body support, according to individual needs.
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As for my case, I can simply slip an inflatable pillow on my keyboard and nod off till my boss brings in such nap pods. Shhhh…..

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