EL 1 Low Cost Electric Vehicle provides a safe and sustainable ride

Motorcycles are a great way to move around in the city and are an important part of developing nations where everyone cannot afford a car. But, bikes are neither spacious nor comfortable as compared to a four wheel ride and don’t even lend the much required protection to riders. Keeping all such flaws in mind, Noppan Kewkanjai has come up with the EL-1 Low Cost Electric Vehicle.

EL-1  Electric Vehicle

The eco friendly vehicle comes smothered with awesomeness and will wow people with its functionality. The electric vehicle comes wedged with three wheels: one in the front and two placed at the rear. The presence of three tires gives the vehicle the much required stability as compared to bikes. The ergonomic designing will make jaws drop and low cost manufacturing makes it slip into the affordable range.

The vehicle features a roof and the windshield lends the much needed protection. The presence of an overhead roof will protect the user from rain, sun, dust and all kinds of hash weather conditions. Ample storage is present under the seat, which will leave a lot of space for comfortable riding. Apart from this, the back of EL-1has a detachable luggage box that can be locked to keep the stuff secure.

In case of a collision, the crumple zone and side protection will keep the rider safe from serious injuries, which is worth praising. The environmentally friendly vehicle will be driven by an electric engine as it comes fitted with a removable battery for easy recharging. EL-1 is an all weather low cost vehicle that will blend perfectly with the needs of developing nations.

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