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Egg shaped treehouse Dream Hatcher is a great vacation retreat

This egg shaped dwelling amidst tall trees is one of the best tree houses ever. Crafted by hand, this marvelous tree house has been built by a software engineer, Joel Allen. The 200 square foot cubicle looks amazing dangling from a hemlock tree. So, how did Allen build such an amazing habitat without a formal education in architecture? The savvy engineer did have quite a task at hand, and therefore he consulted some friends and also his fiancee, all of whom willingly contributed towards the design and development of the project.

Dream Hatcher

To bring down the budget, second hand and salvaged materials were used to construct the abode, which incidentally gave it an eco friendly tag. Allen spent hours hunting through Craigslist to look for the right supplies. The cedar used to build the house was sourced from the interiors of a sauna and so was in a good condition. There was one drawback though. Its surface was shattered when it was split out using a crowbar. But Allan worked a way out by breaking it down further. Things like a discarded double pane door and broken glass from cabinet windows were reused in the building.

Also, it wasn’t easy to find the right spot in Whistler woods for the dwelling. Ultimately, a hemlock standing on a 20 feet tall crag was narrowed down. The tree house is literally in the heart of the woods. So, people who enjoy long walks, will like this abode that is constructed at a substantial distance from roadways and electric sources. The egg shape for the tree house was also quite a break through. The best thing about the shape was that you can hide the structure inside the form. So, there is no massive support structure at the bottom like other tree houses.

First, the initial scaffolding as well as the deck to store the building materials was constructed. Separate platforms for waste and building materials were created. To construct the strut, eighteen feet long ribs that joined the two extreme ends were used. A triangular shape is created where the floor meets the ribs. This made the house structurally robust. The finishing came out to be top notch and the space inside is well managed. The clean cut abode looks like a dream.

Enter inside and you will be left mesmerized. The compact arrangement has all basic amenities that you need. The sleeping quarters are on the loft and there is an outer deck. A small work area with a desk has also been chalked out. In fact, the space right behind the stairs, which is often neglected, has been used to build this work zone. All furniture is built into the structure. Loose and independent pieces would have been too bulky and would have easily taken over the compact space. Outside the house flat treads that look like stepping stones have been lined up.

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