Egg shaped Olasonic TW-S7 speakers to decorate your workstation

The holiday season may be behind us but the year ahead is still full of festivals. Since the next big Christian feast coming our way is Easter, egg shaped memorabilia and novelties too are springing up all around us. For example, take this merry set of egg shaped speakers called the Olasonic TW-S7. This USB bus powered 10W+10W speaker system is shaped like eggs and is available in both pristine white as well as pure black and makes a great Easter gift for everyone who loves the traditions of this festival.

Olasonic TW-S7

For the less religious folks, the Olasonic TW-S7 is a set of high quality speakers that makes listening to music on the computer a true delight. Since the listening range for a person using the computer is around 50cm, computer speakers need to cater to near field listening and that is exactly what the Olasonic TW-S7 is geared to do. Compatible with both Macintosh and PC computers, the model uses a single USB cable to offer plug-and-play functionality and you don’t even need to install any special software or drivers to use it. To deliver high fidelity sound reproduction, the Olasonic TW-S7 minimizes added noise and distortion and provides direct transfer of digital audio signals to give you the best sound.

Using Super Charged Drive System (SCDS), the Olasonic TW-S7 is able to deliver dynamic power output of around 10W+10W and enables an ideal listening environment by allowing user to manipulate the speakers’ angle of orientation. To absorb base vibration produced by the speakers, their cabinet comes fitted with high quality silicone insulator stands that further muffle the thump on your workstation to give you a purer sound.

Via: Gizmodo

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