Efficient Ergonomics – Presenting the Stealth Chair made entirely of cardboard!

sc 02

What you see above is a sturdy, astute yet ergonomically effectual chair conceived by designer Brennan Letkeman. Composed entirely of sheet cardboard, the uniquely adhering agents such as adhesives, glues or fasteners were not used at all in its creation.

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The whole design is based on comprehensive ergonomics data, making sure that chair is comfortable in spite of its sharp form. The interior has a solid framework that has central spines and ribs fitted into it and all the shell components form into one large outer skin covering which wraps around the framework skeleton.

sc 01

The designer Brennan Letkeman says:

The shell was folded over an internal skeleton and fitted using a dovetail design of our own invention and the more traditional slot method. The competition was to hold the judge at around 165 lbs but in our personal testing it would probably survive 200+ as the skeleton is surprisingly solid.

Source: IceCalibre

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