Edge media space embraces 3D technology for quality home entertainment

edgemediaspace 1
Some of the thrills associated with 3D cinema have already made inroads into our living rooms, but the result has been far from perfect. Edge Media Space is a concept in home entertainment shelved by a couple of tech enthusiasts who want the fill the void in this particular segment through their ingenuous design. Designers Rudolf Stefanich, David Pflugl and Erol Kursani have devised a new generation of media space that imbibes the latest in 3 D technology to make things bigger and better for the viewers.

edgemediaspace 2
The unique setup visualizes a cube user interface with advanced applications that delivers features like 3D chat and real-size live experience. Giving a boot to the old design, the new remote control features a single button that controls all the features.

edgemediaspace 3
edge 4

Via: Uni-ak

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