EcoStop has been built on clean and green lines

Bus stops are more or less a sight of concrete, plastic and metal. Giving them a touch of eco friendliness is designer Jakab Barna, with the EcoStop. The green bus stop looks like any other structure and vows to protect the environment. The designer kept the practicality and sustainability of the structure in mind while coming up with an eye appealing design.


A lot of emphasis was laid on the material being used. The basic structure of EcoStop has been fashioned out of recycled aluminum. Betonip was used to make the roof or top part, which comprises of almost 90 percent natural fibers and is water resistant. This means the bus stop will act as a perfect shelter in case it starts raining, making sure that people waiting for the bus don’t get drenched. The information board gets all the power from the energy collected by embedded solar panels, which further makes the design acceptable.


Apart from the clean and green materials used to make the good looking bus stop, the design will also support rain water collection which is worth applauding. This has been achieved by shaping the roof in a way, which will aid water collection. The collected water is later transferred to a tank placed on the roadside. This rain water can be later used for various purposes like irrigating plants, which will in turn save clean water. EcoStop is a great idea, which has been built on the lines of sustainability and is perfect for today’s pollution filled world.

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