Ecobank is chair, table and more; much more

multi functional furniture UOflm 58

Modular maybe the way ahead for furniture or it may not be, who is to tell? On the one hand we have beautiful and elegant furniture that saves space being modular and what not. and on the other we have Marius Goetze’s “Ecobank”. This thing can only be described as a true all-rounder. You see this furniture piece can be turned around head over heels and used as a chair and a table, a sort of a dais and even a table for working while standing. A black plywood surface is framed in contrasting color, giving Ecobank a unique appeal that transcends its design. The multifunctional Ecobank seems especially suited for classrooms and like. No doubt it would be handy even in a conventional household. More images follow.

1 EVqoC 58

2 ktBys 58

3 mrH91 58

Via: designspotter

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