Eco friendly prefab family home in Spain made using shipping containers

Shipping containers make one heck of a sturdy shelter and many people are using them to build homes. A recent design to join this clan is the slick L shaped home made from four shipping containers. The blue colored abode designed by James and Mau architecture studio stands in the Spanish town of El Tiemblo. The prefab home, that can be expanded as your family grows, is priced at 140 euros.

Modern Blue Home

The 623 square feet of space in the two story home has been chalked out thoughtfully. The ground level has the living room, kitchen, guest bedroom and a toilet. While the upper level holds the main bedroom and a studio along with a bathroom and walk in closet. In the small balcony, a compact table and a few chairs have been laid out.

The home made out of salvaged materials boasts of many eco friendly features. About 70 percent of the materials used in construction are second hand. Even the insulation is made from recycled substances like used newspaper and cork. The balcony in the house is made using the doors of the container. The lamp bases, coffee table and sculptures inside the house are also made from used materials.

Moreover, the home runs on biomass energy, which keeps it balmy even in the wintry chill. So, this abode constructed at a height of 3600 feet always stays warm. Its interiors are open and so the house gets plenty of sun and breeze. The turf inside are well managed and livable. If you like open spaces, then you will really enjoy relishing a meal in the balcony and looking out of the see through glass facade on the lower level.

Via: Inhabitat

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