Éclair: Futuristic car alters shape to the preference of commuters

eclair 2
Powered by an electric hybrid system, the Éclair (“lightning” in French) by designer Alexander Kotlyarevsky is a futuristic vehicle that is capable of altering its shape, modifying the configuration of the vehicle to be more spacious or more compact, according to the preferences of the commuters. The vehicle comes with a spherical control system activated by two spheres under each arm of the driver, so both left- and right-handed drivers could drive the car with equal ease. For right-handed drivers the accelerator and brakes are located under the left arm, while steering is shifted under the right arm. Boasting a radical combination of technologies and styling, the two-seater presenting a unique system maximizes the role and performance of the tires. The tires are made of reinforced silicon alloy to maximize durability, grip and performance, withstanding high and low temperatures. Each wheel is based on a twin wheel system, one inside the other, and supplied power is transmitted from one wheel to the other without the use of axles. The body of the vehicle is finished with fiber silicon, which is capable of resisting an accident without any deformation. In short, the Éclair is a mesmerizing drive into the future.

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