Ebb — The beauty of steam bent oak!

ebb the beauty of steam bent oak
Have you ever wondered why a wooden furniture looks more beautiful and appealing than its non-wooden counterparts? Oh well, don’t expect me to answer this for you. I’ve been searching endlessly for the answer, but whenever I feel I’m close to mark it, I stumble upon yet another reason that makes wood look more beautiful than any other material. For instance, take a look at the exquisite Ebb bench by Matthias Pliessnig.

Matthias has used steam bent oak to create this aesthetic piece of furniture. The naked beauty of steam bent oak provides a heavenly radiance to this furniture. Just for a brief moment, close your eyes and imagine the Ebb in some other material. What do you get? Nothing but a vague picture that’s not at all appealing to the senses. Obviously, you can’t expect the warmth of life from some lifeless material. And this is the reason why people like Matthias rely on this natural material.

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