E-Wall Energy-efficient kitchen: A smart concept for modern living

e wall energy efficient kitchen

The world is going electronic and energy-efficient as well. Till now you must have heard about an email but how about an E-Wall. Don’t get baffled, as in coming times a lot of things will get the ‘E’ tag. Designed by Yulya Besplemennova, E-Wall is an energy-efficient kitchen which will make lives easier as well as eco-friendly.

Entire kitchen, in a functional mode, will be embedded in a single wall. The wall will make sure that minimum energy loss occurs and no resources go waste. A multilayer structure, E-Wall will come fixed with ventilations outlets, fridge shaft and a worktop that can be pulled out easily. To store all those containers and boxes, it also has storage system. Fruits and vegetables can be cut on a special surface provided for slicing food items.

The kitchen comes with a dishwasher that has been coupled with some storage space. Another washer has been made available, which will clean heavy polluted and non-standard utensils. If you think the washing features end here then let me tell you another special washer is present. This will specifically clean vegetables and fruits, and make them free from germs and dirt.

E-Wall will bow down to all your cooking needs with an oven, microwave and grill. A niche has been fitted in the wall, which will let out drinking water of the required temperature. E-Wall is activated when any kind of user’s activity is sensed else it remains on a standby mode. By chance if any problem is spotted, the display mode robotically gets activated. One can choose from a variety of colors and combine all the parts as per their convenience. The layout can be changed according to the interiors and space.

Get smart and go green with the E-Wall.

Via: behance

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