e-mote user interface is the simplest way to interact with your gadgets

remote electronic user interface

Conceived by designer John Villarreal, the “e-mote” is a remote electronic user interface to control any number of electronics with minimum fuss. Featuring changeable face-plates, almost standard with cellphone electronics, the new user interface lets the consumer match what he or she is wearing on the day-to-day basis. Integrating a clear LCD display, the wearable device turns on and off with a specific shake, and selects menu functions with finger movements as each finger includes a sensor allowing 1 to 5 selection options. The e-mote connects to your cellphone using Bluetooth connectivity and software application, while internal bio-sensor displays lighting to physical state such as heartbeat, blood pressure and body temperature. The lighting on the device indicates high stress level, and this e-motion level can be posted to your social network. The portable user interface isn’t intended to replace any main user interface, rather it provides a quick shortcut to commonly performed functions.

remote electronic user interface 01

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