Dyrio: Rescue device for emergencies

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In case of an emergency on a far off voyage or trekking an isolated destination, a torch and a radio are possibly the most essential items that you would wish to have in your backpack. For the torchlight will illuminate your path during night hours, while on the other hand, the radio will help you in receiving instructions from the nearby rescue station. Combining a radio and torchlight together, designer Kevin Ho has come up with an innovative device that promises to rescue the victims from the most trying situations. Hailed as the ‘Dyrio,’ the dynamo powered radio torchlight is made from recyclable polypropylene and runs on natural power. The radio torchlight also features a wheel, and users are required to roll the wheel along the floor to charge the device. Therefore, the Dyrio is not just a multifunctional device for emergencies, but it also helps users go green, as it is powered by sustainable energy.

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