DUO 24 watch tells time of two different zones simultaneously

Do you often travel across the globe? If you do, then you surely know how draining it is to keep track of time of two different places. You can easily lose track of what time it is in another place after a heavy jet lag or while you are bustling to get work done during the day. If the scene sounds familiar, then here is a nifty gadget that can make this task easier for you. Time across two different zones, local as well as an additional time zone, is displayed on the dial of this watch.

DUO 24

The startling traits don’t end here. The watch actually shows time across two different zones using just one hand for each precinct. This is the first ever piece in the entire world that works on such one hand mechanism. Reading time of two different zones will be a snap. Look at the dial closely and there are two sets of numbers looping around the periphery of the dial. The outer band features bold numbers while the inner dial has small sized digits. The 12 hour display on the outer circle has been used in UNO for more than 25 years. There is a slight gradation from here and at the base of its slope the second time display of 24 hours has been impressed.

Telling time from this piece will be a cinch. The two time zones can be differentiated easily due to the slight incline that separates them. Furthermore, the inner time scale has half of the section bright while the other half stays dark, which indicates day and night in that time zone. Thanks to this artificial horizon, all you have to do is glance downwards and you can tell easily whether it is day or night in that region. The wrist strap is one the finest vegetable tanned pieces ever. The €348 watch manufactured in Germany has a 3 ATM water resistance and two year warranty.

Via: Botta design

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