Duality Timer, a kitchen timer that gives both visual and audible reminders

Kitchen timers help time your tasks, which is a blessing in this fast paced world. Ben Zaslow has come up with a brilliantly designed kitchen timer, which will give a visual cue as well an audible hint when the set time reaches zero. Christened the Duality Timer, it has a curvy shape and looks like an inverted water goblet.

Duality Timer

But, in this modern time these timers have been stowed away because of the introduction of cell phones, computers, stoves, microwaves that all come with built in times. This gave the designer a challenge to craft a luxury physical times, which will draw attention and ornament the space giving it added grace. The Duality Timer will act as a perfect prop for the kitchen area and will be extremely helpful when used in hotels and restaurants where serving food in time holds utmost value. Crafted out of a sturdy aluminum body, the timer has been given a rubberized bottom. This gives the user a freedom to operate it using one hand, while completing the task they are doing.

The awesomely design timer is bigger than most other kitchen timers. It has been fashioned out of extravagant materials and comes clubbed with tactile functionality. The Duality Timer has been blessed with a very simple and easy to use interface. The timer is set by simply twisting the design. A visual as well as audible cue is given when the lights and buzzer go off after the timer unwinds completely. The strobe will keep flashing till the time it is deactivated, hence giving a clear cue even in a noisy atmosphere. The Duality Timer is pretty helpful and comes stashed with a price tag of $75.

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