Dreamslide: A new generation of bicycle ushers pedal revolution

dreamslide bicycle 2
Dreamslide is a new generation of bicycle designs ready to hit the streets. Jean‐Marc Gobillard, a French enthusiast, has devised an interesting contraption for those who do not mind a standing ride. Dreamslide is a consummation of standing posture typical of skateboards and roller blades with larger and faster wheels of a bicycle. What makes its functioning conspicuous is the special pedaling system that relies on a standing rider.

dreamslide bicycle 1
Gobillard has used Adaptive Pedaling System, or APS in the Dreamslide which has a single-speed drive train propelled by pedals that spin independently of each other and thereby constantly generate power. When the rider pedals a stroke, the back foot moves forward and lifts slightly while the front foot slides back. This minimizes the body-weight-bobbing drawback of pedaling while standing, and also eliminates the “dead zone” in the conventional pedaling setup.

dreamslide bicycle 3
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Via: Gizmag

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