Dream Wing Design gives wings to your dreams!

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As a child in his early teens’ one always dreams of flying through the streets, somewhat courtesy of those Star Wars atleast in our times but even when the popular series weren’t around, it still was a child whimsy. I feel very sad in saying that people didn’t this dexterously in our times otherwise I would have surely boarded something as fun as the Dream Wing to ultimately get a feel of that thrill in driving it through the streets.

I am not saying that it qualifies to do so but the way it is required to be ridden does give you that feel. It ideally is developed for someone between 10 to 20 years of age but tell you what, if that child in you is still alive don’t fret what the experts tell, get on it and start trampling both the paddles alternatively to get it going provided the design eventually gets manufactured. Assuming for a moment that it does, you would then be able to harness it using the rope which is capable of making the Dream Wing change its direction. Must say it is one stunning design which gave my dream wings for sure, how about you people!
dream wing 1 59
dream wing 59


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