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Dream designs for swimming pools 2013

Swimming pools are more than just a pool to bath as it is an excellent place to relax and let your tensions wash away. Every year there are new decorating trends that hit the market and the coming year will be no different. The styles and trends that prevailed in the last year will be history as the new ones are all set to take their place. The next year’s swimming pool designs will be such that people will find them hard to resist as they will be relaxing and appealing.


Swimming pool designs: what’s new?

There is a whole lot of new when it comes to swimming pool designs for the coming year and if you wish to stay with time then you must be aware of the changing trends. Lap swimming pools might be a prevalent swimming pool design of the going year but in the coming year its position might be taken by the wed edge swimming pools or the plunge swimming pools. There are a lot of changes that might be seen with the new year approaching so let us not wait any further to dive in a sneak peek of the swimming pool trends that might be popular in the coming year.


Swimming pool trends for the coming year

In this hectic world our home is our one and only refuge and if you have a relaxing swimming pool at home then you can get rid of the need to visit a spa. The coming year will witness a lot of great swimming pool designs which will make the experience of relaxing in a pool much more luxurious and soothing. Your swimming pool will be like your oasis at your home.

The swimming pools that were in fashion in yesteryear included steps and may be a shallow end or a deep end. The ones which will rule the next year will be including a lot of different characteristics to add to the variety and pleasure plus they will also have a much more exciting entry plus exit from the pool. Beach entries in the swimming pools extend a lot of ease to the young ones plus they extend the facility to wade for the people who are swimmers.


Innovative ideas will include infinity edges as they are perfectly apt for the swimming pools that possess a view. The elevated swimming pools might have acrylic viewing panels as they are growing as a trend in the market. Now that the world is making every effort to go green for the environment then how can the pool market stay behind? There will be eco friendly swimming pools available for the people committed to conserve environment and these pools will use much less water and consume less power.


The swimming pools in the earlier times were only placed in the backyard of the house but not anymore. Now-a-days they are being installed as a vital part of a room which has great entertainment facilities as well to make you feel totally comfortable. The swimming pool these days are also equipped with health benefits for the people who take a swim in them and they contain much less harmful chemicals. Instead of toxic chemicals they have useful minerals that help the body to relax and release the stress completely so that when the swimmer is done swimming he feels refreshed and rejuvenated. Swimming pools have certainly evolved with time and their designs and styles keep changing and developing with every passing year. You will find that swimming pools now are much more innovative and have more facilities in them than they ever did.

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